Injured on the Job? How to Bring In Extra Income While Unable to Work

Make Cash With Survey Websites

Cash Flow Tight? Make Some Extra Money!

Being in the construction work puts you in a situation wherein you may not really be sure whether or not you can keep your job with stability. Therefore, it is high time for you to search for an alternative option to earn extra cash. At the same time, you have to do it legally and in the right place. Paid online surveys are a great way to earn money, and your time altogether without the need to put forth much effort. This option may not be explored frequently, perhaps because you may not fully understand how it really works.

How to Be Eligible With Paid Online Surveys

The very first thing that you need to carefully focus on is how to become eligible in participating in these online survey options. Most often, surveyors search for specific types of people. Therefore, you need to understand that you may not qualify necessarily for every type of survey offered. However, once you perfectly fit in that group, you can certainly have your chance in earning that extra cash. Still, you need to try filling out these surveys in order to improve your chances of qualifying in these paid surveys.

After registering with a survey company, make sure that you regularly check notifications on your email as well as the main site for opportunities. If there are some surveys that are available for you, you also have to be selective and go for those surveys that are worth your time. However, if you have enough amount of time, then you can work in doing all of those surveys. This is to make sure to give you the experience that you need in this field.

Finding Legitimate Survey Sites

There are a lot of legitimate survey companies that are available on the web these days. This can actually mean a whole lot of opportunities for you to make money. However, this may also mean that you may have to deal with people who are dishonest. In order to make sure that you avoid these scammers, you have to know certain precautions in dealing with these websites. For one, reliable survey websites such as Opinion Outpost or Swagbucks does not require you to pay upfront. It is not necessary for potential survey participants to pay just to have access to these survey sites.

Also, you can take some time considering the rating of the survey site. This can be done by reading some reviews and testimonials. These feedbacks will help you in understanding whether or not the site is reputable enough. It is also recommended that you make your own email account which is specific for the paid surveys. In this way, you will not allow junk mail to enter your personal email account. Upon registering with valid survey sites such as Opinion Outpost or Swagbucks, your membership will be validated and you will receive an email on how you can begin in answering these paid surveys.

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How to Start a Construction Business

Starting your own construction business can be proven to be a profitable endeavor. Every time a new establishment gets setup, there will be construction needs. If there’s business expansion, repair, new house, etc. you will surely need construction. Therefore, it’s a great idea to begin your own construction business. But what are the things that you’ll need? You will need the tools, determination and skill. But there’s more to it such as compliance needs, registration, etc. and we’ll briefly tackle each of them in a few moments.

Know Your Focus

If you’re not aware about it, construction businesses can take many forms. Think about what you want to focus. Decide whether you’ll take small projects or larger projects. If you decide to specialize in home renovations, consider expanding your skillset to include other related skills like solar panel installation, garden renovations, etc.

Consider Establishing as an LLC or LLP

It’s imperative to protect your personal assets, therefore, consider establishing your company as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or limited liability partnership (LLP). Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. To know more about them, contact your attorney for advice.

Obtain Capital

You will need to have some financial assets to get your business up and running. For starting businesses, this could be a challenging process. You can consider using your personal funds or try visiting local banks. Getting a business loan could also be another alternative but before you make your move, make sure you do your research to get the best results.


As a construction business, you’ll need to obtain a variety of licenses. The requirements could be setup on a local or state level, depending upon your location. You’ll need to find out what license requirements are needed for the type of work you will be performing.

Get Insured

Most construction companies have bonding insurance, general liability insurance, auto insurance and worker’s compensation. You may want to contact a commercial insurance adviser to know the best and required insurance for your particular construction business type.

Tools and Equipment

You need to purchase or lease construction tools and equipment. Depending upon the services you are offering, you might need a different set of tools and equipment. You also need to lease to prepare a small office space where your employees or team members could meet to organize, plan and discuss projects.

Hire or Find Experienced Construction Workers

Now, you need to gather a crew of experienced construction workers such as carpenters, masons, roofers, electricians, plumbers and other tradesmen who are proven to do quality work. You will also need a supervisor to manage your construction crew.

Advertise your Company

Now that you have everything you need, it’s time to spread the word. Use the local newspapers, put posters, social media or even create your own online website and campaign to let others know about your construction business.

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Essential Construction Tools

If you want to learn or become skilled in the construction field, you will need at least three things, the determination, the time and the tools. We’ll focus on the latter for this blog post because if you have the determination and the time but you don’t have the tools, what would you do? You need to learn some of the essential or basic construction tools to help you get started honing your building skills. If you’re not into mastering construction skills, learning the essential construction tools could greatly help you in your daily life because you can easily know the tools you’ll need to fix some minor issues in your home. Now, let’s dive in to the essential construction tools you will need.


Getting a hammer is a no brainer as it’s the most basic tool you’ll need in your construction life. Hammers come in all shapes and sizes but the most popular is the claw hammer. Its portability makes it a great tool that can drive down nails into the wood or remove them.

Other kinds of hammer includes the sledgehammer, great for tearing structures then there’s rubber mallets which are invaluable when you want to strike a surface without damaging it.

Measuring Tools

Another essential construction tool, measuring tools includes tape measures and laser meters, which allows you to create accurate measurements to make sure that you’re on the right track. The tape measure is made of retractable thin metal, which is capable of measuring distances of up to 100 feet, depending upon the size of the tape.

The other one, the laser meter is easier to use, though it’s quite more expensive compared to the latter one. It uses a laser beam to calculate distances, which makes it more convenient to use compared to the latter one.

Power Drill

This is a tool used for drilling holes into something. Every builder will need to drill a hole into something. Power drills come into two variety, one that uses power cords and one that uses a battery. While the cordless type is easier to use at times, batteries won’t last longer so you might need to replace them from time to time.

The only thing you need to look out for is the drill bits that wear overtime, so make sure to check them first before you begin a job. If you’re doing lots of construction jobs, you might need to replace them from time to time.


Another essential tool for a builder, you need them to fasten and remove screws into a surface. They offer excellent control over the screw driving process, but they don’t speed it up. You can get a set of screwdrivers with different sizes or you can find those with interchangeable heads and form factors.

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